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Exclusivity comes as standard, not an exception. When you set the date at Fairyhill, you get the whole house to play with. Eight luxurious bedrooms. A beautiful ceremony room. A quintessential country cottage set within the grounds of the property. Private bar and lounge. A stunning reception space. Picture-perfect views. 24 acres of breathtaking grounds.  

Discover what happens when laid back luxury meets first class service. Fairyhill is a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian building in the heart of Gower. We invite you to take over our house exclusively for your own party or corporate event.

Quaint on the outside, lavish on the inside. Exclusivity allows you to make your own rules. Put simply, your wish is our command. Test our limits.   Explore everything we have to offer, Fairyhill is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The 24 acres of grounds are so impressive that they’re also listed. Explore the walled garden. Take a walk down to the tranquil lakes. Marvel at the wonders of nature. Our enchanting surroundings will be the perfect backdrop to your special day.

Fairyhill is a magical place every day of the year, but we know that some days are more special than others. That includes your wedding day. We want you to visualise the magic before your big day, and our monthly wedding showcase will provide you with the best opportunity to explore our fully dressed venue. Sample the canapés. Taste the wine. Experience the views. Discover the true essence of Fairyhill. Put your trust in us. Let us set the stage for the biggest day of your life. We are weddings.


South Wales


  • Luxury Hotel
  • Exclusivity
  • 100 day guests and 200 evening guests
  • Picture-perfect views
  • Eight luxurious bedrooms
  • 24 acres of breathtaking grounds

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